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Including Food & Beverages

Signature Taco's by Let's Get Krackin' Seafood Catering

Enjoy your choice of Let's Get Krackin' Seafood & Catering signature taco selection topped with cabbage, fresh cilantro, delicious, diced onions, creamy guacamole, and their house made salsa wrapped in three of Let's Get Krackin' Seafood  & Catering fresh stone-ground street tortillas. This combo compliments the Tequila experience.

(choice of chicken, beef, veggies)

  1. 3 tacos per plate for $10.

  2. Shrimp Ceviche Bite hors d'oeuvres - Add a little Latin flair to your summer entertaining! $5


Their equipment is state of the art fully customized to the exact specifications.  Their Mobile Kitchen is a fully operating, fully self-sustainable kitchen.  They safely store, prep and cook food on site.

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Bottle Service

Bottle service options are now available to you as a ticket holder! If you don’t have a table or seating, our team will do our best to accommodate you however tables are sold out. There will be a few tall-tables available for you to enjoy your bottle service if you don’t have seating.

For Bottle Service click link:

Volcan De Mi Tierra Reposado Tequila - $175

Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey - $150

Chandon California Brut Sparkling Wine - $125

Chandon Rose - $150

June 25th Bottle Service.png
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The Volcán Tequila Experience

Available Neat or on the Rocks

Volcan Blanco - $ 12

Volcan Blanco Smoke - $14

Volcan Reposado - $16

Volcan Cristalino - $20

Woodinville Bourbon - $14


Volcán Cocktails

Spicy Smoked Margarita - $14

The Valoma - $14

Jalisco Old Fashion - $14


VIP Cocktail

Prickly Pear Margarita - Complementary (7p -9p)

By the Glass

Chandon Brut - $14

Chandon Rose - $16

The Flow

Music to move body & soul 🎼
Playing Jazz Fusion 

Starts at 7pm

The Flow.png
Bay Royal Cigar Network.png


Spinning Classical Grooves
& playing it at the right time...
Starts @ 10pm

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