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About Us

Welcome to Bay Royal Cigar Network & Media! We are a cigar network, media and up coming cigar lounge corporation from San Francisco/Bay Area, CA.

 Started in 2017, with a vision to enhance the cigar lifestyle. We've developed a cigar network in the Bay Area and have bridged the community to the cigar industry.

Our podcast media started in 2020 during the pandemic making an NBC News article, covering our community engagement and interviews with top leaders in the cigar industry.

Bay Royal provides a cigar rolling service to corporate companies, weddings, country clubs, hotels, and private events.

Coming Soon will be the "Bay Royal Cigar Lounge". This will define our true meaning of Lifestyle, Industry, and Culture.

Members of Cigar Rights of America and Premium Cigar Association (PCA). 

If you're interested in becoming affiliated with Bay Royal, please email us at

It's a Lifestyle...

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